Movie x LUDO with Kakaibatch

Breaking the barriers of our mundane life has always been fun. Being able to go beyond our desk has always been exciting. We all have been looking forward to the day where we can all hit the F5 button of our academic life so we can start anew. Then it comes!

Just last Wednesday, we were able to go to this heavenly board game bar, LUDO. Everyone (or maybe just me) was looking forward to go there since forever. The place was introduced to us by friends from school too.

The place opens at 4PM so we had to kill time for about 4 hours that we have decided to watch…

On our way out of the mall, we saw GROOT! (What a side story. I don’t really know how to blog so, whatever).

Going back to the original blog post, where was I? Oh wait! So we arrived there a little too early. Excitement, if that’s the term you want to say. The place opened at around 5 already since they still had stuff to fix inside. There were also a few people who were waiting for the bar to open, and came in early just like us.
Photo grabbed from the instagram post of Ysabelle H.


Check the place out and be amazed! I drowned inside. I’m pretty sure that you will do too! Just look at all those board games you could play!!!


Upon entering this heavenly place, we immediately picked out NEW games to try as we were already familiar to some since they were introduced to us via DIY! HAHAHA.
Ludo01LUDOOOOOFood was also great! (sorry no photo) and let me tell you that they don’t have free wi-fi. I don’t really mind since you can’t really have fun while always checking your phone 24/7. The only use of your phone is for photo-taking. But I didn’t have that much photo since I forgot my phone at home. boo-hoo-hoo!Ludo03

Anyway, here are more photos (excuse the group selfies). I’m sorry but we’re just trying to make memories.
Shameless self portrait x Sherlock

Ludo girls
Kakaibatch photo grabbed form J. Borje
Ludo gr2


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