I would like to blame our recent exams for my bankruptcy. We were all wastrels this week since we really wanted to forget the sad truth on how our exams went and also wanted to “reward” ourselves for surviving the hell week.

College life has never been easy and giving yourself a little treat every once in a while is already that big of a deal. Yesterday we went to Army Navy Katipunan right after our Human Growth and Development plan. It was an unplanned visit since I just asked if my friends wanted to eat something before heading home.

Here’s a squished photo of us on the way!

Army Navy 0

We can’t get any vacant cab so we had to take the FX and the trike. Oh the things we do for food!
Army Navy 1

We had a very long argument on where to eat. We have been jumping from pizza parlors, to burger joints, to ice cream houses, to Pastries, and Italian restaurants just so we could end up at Army Navy. Fair enough choice.

Army Navy

Maybe your still wondering why the title of my blog post is “Barracks”. I got the idea from Clash of Clans (if you’re playing, you’ll get it) as it is the place where you train your army. (I know, it’s lame in all levels).

Army Navy 2

I wasn’t able to take photos of all the food because, I’m pretty sure everyone’s familiar with Army Navy already.

I ordered Soft Tacos – Steak which are pretty good but the meat was a little bit too hard to eat. I still like the consistency of the soft taco, though. It neutralizes and balances the taste of the whole meal. (Lakas maka food critique)

Army Navy 4


And of course, FREEDOM FRIES!!! and all I could say is “purr-fection”.

Army Navy 3We were also supposed to have a dessert at Conti’s but we were all too full and too poor to go. Next time!


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