Davao: Life is Here Part 1

For those of you who haven’t read my recent post, I went to Davao for the Annual Grand Session (AGS) of Job’s Daughters International (JDI) here in the Philippines (that will be another post). So Davao became my home for 5 days.

Photo Grabbed for @rptdeguzman’s instagram.

DSC07048I was picked up at the airport by the relative of a mom in Davao and went to Penong’s (it’s like their Mang Inasal there) because my sisters were currently having their dinner there. On my first night (since my plane arrived at 7:25 in the evening) I stayed in Roadway Inn with them. When I got there, I was surprised to see a room that looks like it was just bombed. Like the things just got out of a blender all mixed and scattered around the bed, the floor, the table, etc. (I think you get my point) Anw, I had to live with this for the next two nights.

That same night, we didn’t notice the time since we were studying the ritual in time for the opening of the AGS on the 11th. We looked like crazy people talking to the walls around us, reciting things you’ll never hear about (unless you have the honor and privilege, of course). We slept at around 3 o’clock early morning. 

I woke up at around 7AM the following day because they said that we had to go to the venue of the AGS to help setup the place. To my surprise, everybody was still snoring and dripping saliva off their mouth. I was about to take a shower when I realized that I forgot to bring my towel so I called for room service. Talk about luck, THEY RAN OUT OF CLEAN TOWELS. WOW! So I had to wait for 5-HOURS (what is it with me and 5-hours? get that? no? read here.) just to get a clean towel and I also had to pay an extra Php50.00. boohoo!!!

So while waiting I just ordered my breakfast which is Corn-Si-Log (CORNed beef + SInangag + ItLOG), a usual Pinoy breakfast. It costed me another Php90.00. FOOD REVIEW: Their corned beef tasted like onions, which is not a negative review for me because I LOVE Onions! Yay! 🙂 **Sorry I did not take a photo of the presentation of the food because my Digestive system kept on producing more Ghrelin and I just can’t take it anymore. Chakka! Ano daw?**

So when everybody was up (and my towel was already delivered. Hurah!), we all prepared to leave to help in setting up the venue.

We took a jeep from Roadway Inn to V. Mall and road a Prinsesa, a trike BUT with unusually-amazingly-cool BACKSEATS! (Sorry for the reaction. We don’t have cool trikes like that here in Manila or in Pangasinan)




The venue of the 17th AGS was in Ritz Hotel in Porras St., Bo. Obrero in Davao City almost downtown. It’s pretty amazing. The place is clean and the Security is superb because they had to check everybody’s bag before being admitted to enter. The guards weren’t that annoying in checking the bags too (as I easily get annoyed when being submitted to checking).

Here’s an overview of the place.





DSC07072I’m sorry (not really) for this grainy photo because it’s already night time. And as I have said on my recent post, I FORGOT MY CAME-WA )):

That same night we were invited to have dinner with Dad John (a Dad from Davao). He treated us dinner at T.G.I. Friday’s. We had to ride a cab to get there because it was already dark and there were a bunch of us so it is easier to travel via THE CAB (you don’t get it? no? fine.) Anyway, the cab we were supposed to ride was so cute because its color is MINT GREEN. It’s not often that you see cabs like that here in Manila so I just had to sneak a photo. (Turistang-turista vibes)


I had chicken fingers (ata!!! I’m not sure) And again, sorry no photo kasi NAKAKAHIYA KAYA! ((: HAHAHAHAHAHA. I wasn’t able to finish my meal because I didn’t expect it to be that heavy. Then he even ordered this brownie desert which is very delicious yet very hard to finish that we all just struggled to stuff it all-in in our stomach where, apparently, we FAILED.




It was already getting late and the restaurant was closing because they had curfew, we had to say goodbye. The place we were staying in was just a few steps away so we just dragged our full stomachs back.
Thank you Dad John for the treat! 🙂 And oh! Happy Belated Birthday.

Disclaimer: Photos without watermarks are grabbed. Clicking the photo will direct you to the link of the photo where it was originally from. 🙂


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