The Ultimate 5-Hour Airport Experience

Agenda: To cross out one of the things scribbled in my bucketlist.

So when my mom asked me if I wanted to travel alone to Davao, I immediately answered “YES!”, no hesitations.

I packed my things the night before my flight (akalain mo yun wala naman ako nakalimutan, except nalang for my dearest camera which I left in Pangasinan pa. Sakit sa kasing-kasing).

And of course on the day of my flight, I made my very own checklist. More like cross-out list. (And yes! That’s a receipt. hahahahaha!!!)



My flight bound for Davao was scheduled at around 5:30PM last April 9. I was 5 hours early, thanks to the note at the site of Cebu Pac that said “check-in 72 hours to 4 hours before the flight“. So I did get there early because I was afraid that I won’t make it in time and that my plane may fly leaving me behind (ang mahal kaya ng fare, chakka bear!). I got there a few minutes before 1PM. I checked my baggage in as soon as I arrived.

My mom called me and told me to request for a window seat. Too late! I was already checked-in when she called me. and was already boring my self out at the boarding gate. So instead of staring at the wall, I just amused myself by watching all those planes depart because I don’t really know what more to do aside from studying some things needed for Dvo and you know, the usual… WI-FI!!!! hahahahaha!

When the boarding gates were finally open *cue music: For the first time in forever “Finally they’re opening the gaaaaaaaaaaatttttttteeeeeeesssssss!!!” choss* All the people ran like they already missed the first part of the movie they were scheduled to watch. (Kaloka! Kala mo mauubusan sila ng upuan. hahaha. sorry!) I was part of the last bunch of people to board the plane and to my surprise, the kind lady at the counter gave me… WINDOW-freakin-SEAT!!! Hoooooorrrrraaaaah!!! Thanks, ate, whoever you are. Love you xx ((:

But to my surprise someone was seated on my seat so I asked them kindly if I could take the window and they were too generous too to give me the seat. *cue: hooray for today!*


I was given the chance to see such amazing beauty the earth holds. For a moment, all the trouble, the pain and everything else going on in my mind drifted away.




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