Werk it!

I went for a jog last week at a park that is nearest my house. I was supposed to go to UP but there’s a heavy traffic that time so I didn’t continue my adventure there.

I went to QC Memorial Circle for a jog because the night was perfect and I was so determined to jog that time so I did. As soon as I set foot there, I started to Run and then I felt pain somewhere near McBurney’s point. I didn’t mind it because I think that it was just the effect of not stretching before jogging. Anw, I’m all fine. But the next two days were hell. Please do remind me to stretch before I Jog. I had DOMS!!!


On another note, while  I was running-slash-jogging-or more like-walking, I jostled into three guys who were holding a paper that read “Hug for a cause”. When I got closer, one of them was approaching me with a very creepy-perv smile. Eeeew. He wasn’t even that good looking (I’m sorry). I jogged off. But the place was a little bit small so I bumped into them again like THRICE. What the hell. I think they didn’t get what they were looking for because nobody went near them. Poor kiddos. Awww.

I burned around 300Calories? I don’t know. I’m not sure. But I’m kinda sure that I was able to cover 3++ freakin miles. Yay! Hooray!

After that we didn’t go home immediately. My sister and I decided to hang out there a bit. The place was already lit up. It was nice so I took the chance to do my thing. I’m gonna share some of the photos I took.


DSC_2612 DSC_2570 DSC_2621

I’m so sorry guys. I’m too lazy to post-process the photos. 😐


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