Sink or Swim

Na na na na na. I don’t know why I used that as  the title. I’m not sure why but earlier today, I thought I was sinking, courtesy of my “friend”. I was too lazy to go back to Manila last October 29 during the regular enrollment so I planned to take the late enrollment. It works for other people before so I thought that it would work for me too.

I lined up early in the MISD Office this morning to get a copy of my registration card BUT THEN I saw that my name was HIGHLIGHTED and they told me to go to the OFFICE First. So I went up to the Dean’s Office and asked why my enrollment was on hold. They asked me if I had an outstanding balance and I said ‘no’. Then they asked again if I was a regular student. Then… that was the time the wheels turned. I said that I still hadn’t checked my Physiology standing but I was expecting that I passed. Before going to the Physiology department I went to meet up with my friends first before hearing what could be an unfortunate fate.

When I arrived at the TYK Building, my batchmates were piled up at the ground floor waiting for the elevator to arrive. We were still waiting at the ground floor when this person approached me. I was talking to several familiar faces telling them what happened back there when this person approached me. I think she overheard our little discussion so she butted in and TOLD ME THAT I FAILED THIS PHYSIO SUBJECT. It felt like my whole world fell apart. Just as when I thought I was swimming, somebody else was sinking wanting to be saved but didn’t realize that she was actually pulling another person down. We reached the room and I approached my friends and told them what happened and added the “Bagsak DAW ako sa physio” part. I felt like crying that time but my tears just won’t go out. They told me that they would come with me to check my standing again. They too were surprised when I said that I ‘failed’.

I saw another friend who wasn’t enrolled yet and whose name was also highlighted in the list. That was the time that everything sank in again. I realized that the list handed to the MISD Office was THE OFFICIAL LIST OF REGULAR STUDENTS. She said that she was just lacking a Form-137 that was why her enrollment was on hold. I felt alive again. So we went to the Registrar’s office and that was when I found out that I WASN’T ABLE TO SURRENDER MY HIGH SCHOOL REPORT CARD. Soooooo. That was when all the misery ended. They just asked me to write a letter saying that I should submit my report card till November 15.

i felt like screaming “WHAT’S UP MOTHER CHUCKer?!?! I’M A FRIGGIN THIRD YEAR REGULAR STUDENT. EAT YOUR ASS.” inside the room but then I didn’t because that wouldn’t feel right and I would hurt the others who doesn’t need to get hurt. Other people who have feelings to. BUT I JUST WANT TO SQUEEZE, KICK AND KILL THAT PERSON!!! but of course, I won’t because i would just be sending myself to Juvi. Oh well papel.

Lesson learned? Try to swim when you’re sinking. If you need to lose a little weight you’re carrying, DO IT because not all the people around you is helping you swim others are pulling you to sink with them.

-Dasha 🙂




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