My Friday the 13th

My Friday the 13th has been postponed yesterday and was moved to today. I have experienced the hellest of hell today. It felt like all the bad luck in the world stroke me. Up till now I’m not feeling any good.

This afternoon, my mom called me asking if I could go over to her meeting’s venue and accompany my step dad. Then she changed her mind and asked me to go to the near mall, so I went there. When I got there, I called him then he told me that he was in my mom’s meeting. It felt like WTF because I spent like Php90.00 for a cab to get there and another extra fifty to buy a prepaid load to call them. So I took a trike and the dude just charged me another FIFTY for that ride. -___- It took all the extra 200.00 I was saving.

So i fetched him then we went to TriNoma because he just wanted to go there. When we arrived, he had to change his dollars so I waited for him. He gave me “chaching-chaching”, a blue bill. I kept it in my pocket and then God-knows-what-happened, I lost it. It fell somewhere in between all those crazy steps I did. I only knew that I lost it when I was paying the book I was buying. Luckily I had an extra cash on hand that time BUT!!! That blue bill was supposed to be my allowance for this coming week. How am I supposed to cover that up???

This day couldn’t have gotten any worse. It broke me, my heart, and my feelings BIG TIME! I just hope that I get something good in the future. Unless this was my karma for all the stupid things I’ve done then maybe I deserved this. I just hoped that karma didn’t strike me in this kind of way. It hit me really hard.

Where I think my money fell. Huhuhuhu.


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