e-Books vs. Real Books

At some point in my life (when I first got my iPad), I was so fond of downloading and reading e-books but then I saw a random picture of a bookshelf in instagram. That’s when I came back to my senses like ‘Hey! What are you doing with all those e-books?’

So I rushed to the nearest bookstore and bought a paperback copy of whatever book I’d like in there. And so I bought a copy of John Green’s ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ as everyone told me that it was REALLY good. BUT I didn’t read the book at once because I still had a book in my shelf which I hadn’t finished reading (up until now, it’s been stacked at the side of my bed for almost 6 months now). It was only last week that I had the chance to read John Green’s TFIOS, and I have to say that it was is AWESOME!!! Naah! This post isn’t a review about TFIOS so I’m not gonna say anything about it.

Anyway, I stopped downloading e-books and just went to the bookstore to buy real books. But do you ever get depressed when you leave a bookstore empty handed? Sometimes I feel like when I enter a bookstore, I always have to leave with a bag in my hand. Maybe that’s what happens most of the time. Everytime I walk in a store, I always feel like I’m in heaven. When I see those shelves packed with all sorts of books (even the ones I don’t read) I always feel like I’m in heaven. Opening those stacked books and smelling their print (I know, weird). Too bad our libraries here in the Philippines aren’t like the libraries I read about in other countries where they house fictions and sci-fis and other kind of stuff.

Right now all the e-books in my iPad were deleted because I kind of forgot my iPad’s password and had to sync it so every single thing stored there was washed a way like a wave in the beach. :((

Right now, I have a long list of books to buy and read. I know there are e-books already. They’re a lot cheaper (sometimes free) but they ruin the feeling of finishing a book. Where you see the right side of the book your holding getting thinner and thinner every time you flip a page. I thought that maybe I’ll wait for my birthday or christmas which is 3 months away but then I stopped and asked myslef again ‘Do people in your environment know you?’ And then I walked back to reality.

Semi-bookworm Dasha


Because of this particular photo, I left the virtual world of books and went to the classic ones because I wish to have a BOOKSHELF in my own house when I grow up.


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