Break Even 08.26.13

And so the horror begins again. MIDTERMS2013 is on the way. I’m sure every student out there is studying their ass off. And so am I. 😫 I know, I still have time to write this but really, I have no more time. I’m trying to concentrate but I can’t. And maybe this is one way of keeping all the negatives and the distractions out. Clearing my head a bit. All I wanna do is to sleep but I can’t. The motto for now is: “SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK.” Let it all out now and claim the prize at the end (I hope.) LBM (Laban Bawi Mode) is ON! Let’s do this. I hope you pray for my success too. 🙂

Doctor in the Making, and Future PTRP,
Dasha ❤



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