Getaway: Punta Fuego

Last June 9-10 (I know right?) I was able to join a “summer getaway” trip hosted by one of my friends who’s family’s a member of an exclusive club in Batangas. Sucks that we have summer classes so that was the only available date that we could hit the road, unwind, and have some fun. Not to mention the excuses some of my friends had to make just to make it. Some said they were going at a friend’s dorm and someone said that there were like 18 people coming so her parents would let her go and the BEST EXCUSE was that WE WERE GOING TO BATANGAS FOR A MEDICAL MISSION. She did write a formal letter about it and even used the name of the Dean of our Department. Good thing we were all okay and no one got hurt. Just that everybody had fun.

Punta Fuego is Located in Nasugbu, Batangas and it’s like a 2-hour drive from Manila when taking the SLEX and exiting Sta. Rosa.PF 14 PF 15 PF 16With Thea-bell ((=PF 17

Say Hi to our view from the Terrace. 🙂 Waking up to this view every morning, what’d you say? One of God’s beautiful creations. See the things we need to preserve, and take care of? Hmmm. Sorry, I just had to. 😐

PF 1

I wasn’t able to take pictures of the interior of the house because we were all kinda busy having fun. 😐 HAHA. Sucker for that. Sorry again.PF 2

The house is 5-storey high. When you get inside from the main porch, you’ll be already standing on the 3rd floor. Amazeballs right? ((= So the First floor, is the garage and the maids and driver’s quarters. The Second floor would be the Kitchen, dining area, wider terrace, and two guest rooms (that look like hotel rooms). The Third floor would be the living room and another dining area. The Fourth would be, more rooms. And the top floor is the roof top. I just can’t imagine living in a house that high but actually, not that high. (You don’t get me right? Yeah me neither.)

Enjoy browsing at the photos for now. 🙂 And I shall make another post for Terazzas, the Long Beach and the Infinity Pool.

Lovers in terrace.PF 4 LadiesPF 3“Chefs”
PF 5 And we had a little fun photoshoot. PF 6 And that’s me doing one of my crazy hair flips. This time, no water.PF 7Best friends Judy (owner of the house) and Ericka
PF 8 Happy tummy: RonelPF 9 Galit-galit muna.PF 10 PF 11PF 12 PF 13


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