Baguio City

Ola July! I just noticed that I have ZERO post last month. (scks!) Anw, I’m here to share my Baguio Experience to you since I suck so much at updating.

Well, I don’t really love going to Baguio because of the Zig-zag road and sometimes I just think that the place is always too crowded. It’s not even that cold in there anymore. I’m not sure if these photos were taken last May. Yes! That’d be two months ago.

This is the only place that I’d love and will love about Baguio, Camp John Hay. It doesn’t look like this the last time I visited the place. And now it has business establishments and famous restaurants like Yellow Cab, Army Navy, Starbucks, etc.

What I really like about the place is that you’ll feel like you’re out of the country when you’re there.

Then here’s my mom.


The Ice Cream Truck that my mom really liked.



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