Food Trip?!

I was supposed to go to Banapple with my friends but unfortunately, we can’t get a cab from Ateneo. ): I blame the rain, the traffic and the time?! HAHA. We were waiting in the rain for almost an hour, I think?! c(: We ended up eating at Flaming Wings in Katipunan.

Anyway, I just want to share some of the photos that I took when I headed to Katipunan. Please enjoy! HAHAHAHA

Anonas Train Station. While waiting for my friend who came from Malate, Manila.

When I arrived at the station, the rain actually poured and I didn’t bring my umbrella. It stopped for a while and hey, there’s a rainbow!

After eating Dinner at Flaming Wings, we went to Moonleaf Tea Shop to claim my discounted drink for completing the stickers on their loyalty card. And to my surprise, it’s the very first time that they spelled my name right! 😮

Hope the next time that we go out to eat, the weather would be going along with us. =)



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