Let’s Fly

I have been abroad once bat that was way back 14 years ago meaning, I was only 2y/o at that time. And the last time that I rode a plane was… I can’t really remember. As early as now I already have a lot of places in mind that I really really want to visit. Here’s the top 5 in my list (in random order)

1. Cambodia

I want to go to Cambodia because I find the place peaceful and very relaxing. I know that it’s a bit weird for a teen like me to dream of visiting the place because I know that a lot of teens would rather go to the US than to Cambodia. I saw the beauty of Cambodia through the that my aunt took when she visited the place earlier this year. She has already visited a lot of places locally and internationally. She actually told me that if I could finish my studies, she’d give me a ticket to Cambodia as a gift! (:  Anyways, I hope that I could visit the place.

2. Italia

Well, who wouldn’t right?! I actually had the urge to go to Italy because of the movie Letters to Juliet. There are a lot of places to visit in Italy so I didn’t put the name of the specific place. I also want to try their pizza and pasta so that I’d know if it’s really that good.

3. Singapore

Singapore is known as the cleanest place in the world (i think). And I want to visit the place to really know if it’s true. I know a lot of known personalities here in the Philippines who have been to Singapore and they all had great and awesome experiences. Other even went back again. (=

4. Jerusalem

Honestly, I envy the people from the church that I am attending here in Manila because they had a chance to go to Jerusalem. As I’ve said I am not like the other girls who want to go anywhere ‘crowded’? HAHA! All I know is that, maybe by the time that I land Jerusalem, I will experience or see God clearer and better!

5. France

It is every girls wish 0r dream that they may be able to visit France especially Paris. I mean like this is the only place where I want to visit it with someone special in my life. If I ever find my special someone in the future, I want to take this trip with him. (= I don’t have to explain any further :p And honestly, my priority for this future trip would be to take a picture of the Eiffel tower from AM to PM. HAHA Choss!

And those are just some of the places that I would love to visit in the future!


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