Surviving Zoology 2

Zoology 2 or Zo2o1 is like the hardest subject during our first year of college. Not just Zoology 2 but Zoology 1 also. I didn’t know how it happened but I actually passed Zoology 2! I guess I can say that my hard work paid off. HAHA

I had to trade my sleep for a high grade. But somehow, that didn’t even happen on our mid term because even if I study hard, my effort wouldn’t be really enough. I failed! But I tried really hard or rather I gave my best when Finals came. I think I was more focused because there’s already pressure.

It’s not just the subject but also our professor. Our professor for ZO201 was one of the sunbae’s (korean for Senior) of the department. The upperclassmen would ask and warn us that if Prof. Ortega was our Zoo prof. we must be scared because she’s a terror and she gives student failing grades.

But that was proven wrong until I got into her class. She’s a really great professor and is really fair at giving grades. She’s also fun to get along with because she sometimes opine things that would make us laugh. She even talks casually at our class like she’s just one of the students and not the professor. What I really liked about her was that she’s really helping us that we wouldn’t fail her course. I thank her for all the merits that she’s giving us because without that, I might have failed this subject. But how I wish she was my professor @ ZO101. Maybe I could have been better or smarter or wiser. She share’s a lot of trivia that I can decisively remember. I hope I won’t forget the things that she taught me.

Thank You Professor Ortega! I owe you my life. Hahahaha. For Your giveaways have helped me passed that I won’t repeat this thing.

I’m not yet ready for physics and chem tho.


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