04-01-2012: My First Successful Prank

April wouldn’t be April without starting the month with a prank. People usually call it April Fools Joke but I’m hooked with the word prank. HAHA (= Last April 1st, I tried my first prank. It was hard to think of one. I didn’t want to do things like I failed this subject, I got into an accident sort of pranks because I am scared that it might really happen.

I started it at twitter and ended at facebook. HAHA. I’m not sure if many people actually fell for it because I don’t think that it was convincing. HAHA. But here:

And to have a proof (because my friends @ twitter who read the tweet asked for a twitpic).

So I posted this picture @ Facebook and dang! people hit the like button like there’s no tomorrow. HAHAHA. At least I informed them at the end (before the clock stroke 12) that it was just a prank. And up to now, I still get a notification that *insert name here* liked your photo. HAHAHAHAHA.

So what was your prank?


I should posted this earlier but globe was being such a biatch that they didn’t reconnect our internet connection right away. DFAQ we had to wait for 2 days. )=


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