My Camera Collection

I just love to be surrounded by cameras. Not the paparazzi-slash-feeling famous type but the photography enthusiast type. Get what I mean? NO?! NEVERMIND! HAHA. I was influenced by my Aunt to be into photography. I envy her. Really. She get’s real cool photos with her DSLR. Whenever she goes home here in the province, she usually brings her camera with her and I always borrow it to try to take a couple of decent shots. That time, I feel like I’m a pro when I hold one camera like hers but now that I own one, uhm. Maybe not already. Nuff with that. here:

My first set was bought @ an Online shop. The first time I saw it, I actually felt the NEED to buy it! c(: It was a vintage necklace and a ring.

 Then I bought my next “camera” @ Trinoma near the doors that leads you to SM North! HAHAHAHAHA. They sell different kinds of accessories and you could actually see their Vintage Necklaces immediately because it’s freely hanging in there. 

Then the last one’s a pair of earrings. I didn’t plan to own any pair since it’s somewhat irritating to wear one. HAHA. But then I just realized that maybe I need to find a pair so I could complete the accessories. I’m a photography enthusiast too so maybe that’s one reason why I have these babies.

I didn’t really know where to find a pair of camera earrings. Fortunately, I saw this store @ Trinoma again where there are different stalls inside the store. It’s called pop culture just right beside Artwork.

I dropped by @ Artwork to buy a tank top and saw Pop Culture the first time so I dropped by. That’s where I got my Harry Potter glasses too! I’m not sure if the name of the stall’s Girl Shoppe. HAHAHA

The Last one’s an iPhone Case which I gave to my mom as a present last Christmas! That’s my one and only Leica M8! HAHAHA


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