Confused with ‘The Hunger Games’

I don’t really know how to react to the movie right now because part of me says it’s good and part of me says it isn’t. After watching the movie last night, I felt like it was really good and a bit boring. Yes! Some of the scenes were boring and the camera effect made me feel dizzy.

I was looking for some parts that was in the book but wasn’t included in the movie like the scene during the reaping where Haymitch fell from the stage and was moved to a stretcher, and in the train were Peeta got punched etc. etc.

In addition to that I was also irritated while watching the movie because I was with my sister who haven’t read the book and she kept on asking me questions which is plain busheath.

The Hunger Games Book Cover

“The book is always better than the movie.” No one beats ones imagination. After watching the film last night, I immediately searched for the book as soon as I got home and re-read it. That’s the only time that I have realized how empty the movie was. I was praising it last night and here I am now, telling you how bad it was.

I despise Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. I think it could’ve been better if it was Sterling Knight playing the role or Alex Pettyfer (if he was a bit younger). HAHA. I also noticed that the movie was so focused with Katniss and partly Peeta. One thing missing was Haymitch’s advice to the two to stay alive. And at the movie, he was also not that alcoholic but in the book, he was always ALWAYS drunk that he even puked at the train. HEHE.

I hope that they should have somehow managed to add the ‘Catnip’ part to add humor to the movie. Except when Peeta and Catnip were kissing then they’d show Gale and the crowd laughs. And yeah! I felt like Gale wasn’t part of the movie like he was only a minor character. And at the book when he was saying his goodbye to Catnip, he wasn’t able to finish his sentence that started with I because he was dragged outside.

But for the people who haven’t read the book they say that it’s a great film. As for me, after re-reading, it isn’t. I am now hating the movie. I didn’t also get ‘kilig‘ at the cave scene. Dang I can’t really stand Josh Hutcherson’s facial expression. LOL

I didn’t really like the book that much in the first place. I didn’t enjoyed reading it for the first time because it was a little bit boring. But as I re-read it, it became a lil interesting. Thanks to the movie! HAHA ((=

I was teary-eyed when Prim's name was called at the reaping.

And I even cried when Rue died. Poor little girl. RIP RUE

May the Odds be ever in your favah!


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