Three is All that I ask, All that I Need


I think that I shall never see
A grade as lovely as a “three”
A three that’s earned by blood and sweat
When failing is a serious threat
A three I’ve asked from God all day
Knowing praying is the only way
Exams are taken by fools like me
but only GOD can give a “three”.

I remember this poem very well because it was written at the back of my UP Shirt when I was still in Grade School. I memorized it because the rhyming was really cool. I was so naive that time that I was laughing at the poem because who would want a three as a grade? I just told my self “Ah! Baka Three over Five!”. I didn’t know the meaning of that until I stepped into college.

Now, I clearly know what three is all about! When you’re already cramming for a major test, all you could say is “Lord, Kahit Tres lang! Pls.”

FINALS WEEK! I know I can do this. I am cramming for our Zoology test scheduled tomorrow but why am I  still blogging? I am not sure about what I’d get because I know for myself that this test would be really hard to pass. But still I have to focus and aim for a grade higher than three.

Dear God,

I know you’re reading this blog entry right now. (hehe) Please help me store all the things that I need to remember tomorrow for our ZOOLOGY test. I can’t rely on stock knowledge because there isn’t any. I just hope that I could get something like a three or higher or I’ll just accept whatever you want to give me, It’s still a blessing. Thanks God! 😀


Just to have a photo and to not make this blog boring. (No photos lately, No camera with me #Sad)

Forgive me for my haggard-ish look! c(:


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