03.18.12: Girl with a Thousand Names

I found myself staring at Microsoft Word thinking of the words that I should include in the conclusion of our research paper. I was supposed to have lunch with my friend @ BonChon Katipunan when I received a message about our research paper. When I saw who sent the message I immediately cancelled because this research is more important than lunch. (I think).

I read her message three times just to confirm and understand that she was asking me to do the conclusion of our research paper. I was cursing in my head. I told them before, earlier that I can’t do the conclusion because I have no idea about the data in our research. They didn’t listen to me and now I am panicking inside and slowly getting mad. I called my friend and asked him if he had already ate lunch and fortunately, he haven’t got anything yet.

That message brought me into Katipunan, into Regic Center Bldg. I was on the line waiting for my turn to give my order. I didn’t expect them to be asking for the name but they actually did. I gave mine. I clearly said ‘DASHA’. I repeated it twice because she didn’t get it for the first time. I always get excited when the cashiers at stores ask for my name because I wanted to know if they got it right. People usually spell mine as ‘TASHA’ or someone even named me ‘NATASHA’. But this time, it’s different. Very different. Someone gave me a new name. Guess who I am now. I AM GRACIA!

Seriously? Gracia??? HAHA. I wasn’t pissed off because I know that people can’t really spell or even hear my name right. I think it’s quite unique and that they never heard my name in their entire life. But I know I’m not the only ‘Dasha’ in the world. And I know that I’m not the only person in this world who encounter this.

After Bonchon, I asked if he wanted to grab milk tea @ Moonleaf. He said yes. So we walked because it wasn’t really far away from the building. I already know what to order because I have checked my planner before leaving home because I expected that I’ll have the urge to grab a drink. I ordered ‘Passion Fruit Yakult + Nata’. Again, they asked for my name. I peeked at the container and saw ‘TACIA’. Oh Dear!

I wasn’t also mad because in some of my post someone named me ‘DACIA’. Dude you were so close to spelling my name right. You missed the two letters. Sayang! But my point is that through these misspellings, I was able to cheer up from the past because I understand that no one can ever really get my name right. Except for the barista @ Fullybooked. (=

Whatever the name I’d get from the people around me, I know that I will always remain as the girl who owns this blog and share’s her experiences to her loved readers and to her dear friends.

So, if you have experienced anything like this, feel free to share! Who knows, the people around us might get the spelling of our names right soon.

Take Care!


PS. I searched the meaning of my name @ Urdandictionary.com and look at the meaning! HAHA


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