LRT Stories: 03-06-2012 Deep Sleep

Since, riding the LRT everyday is my daily transportation in going to school it is quite impossible to have no story to tell. I have posted several posts about my experiences but I’m making this title official. From funny moments to sad to whatever may come my way.

I have this experience that I can’t forget but am having doubts about sharing it because it’s really embarrassing and somewhat

My block-mate posted a photo, in our group, of a random person sleeping inside the train. (I’m sorry for whoever you are but this is really epic and I wanted to share. I have no intentions to offend or harm you.)

It’s really funny so yeah! Whateversss.


2 thoughts on “LRT Stories: 03-06-2012 Deep Sleep

  1. Funny that I was actually wanting to have a series of stories about LRT but I am not a frequent rider so I had to put aside the plan. I have a few stories to tell though. 😀

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