Night, Lights and I

We went to celebrate our grandfather’s 79th Birthday yesterday. We arrived there at around 4:30 in the afternoon and almost all of my cousins were present. As usual at a normal party, there supposed to be drinking and singing. My aunts had Tequila. As much as I want to try a little, I can’t. I have to be good! HAHA. So, I just had my concert like Anne Curtis! c(:

We were at their house ’till 9PM. When it was already turning dark, the street lights were turning on. We had a little adventure at the area. I was walking there with my older sister and we were able to take a couple of good shots. (= Or I? hmmm.

Here’s a little something of what I did last weekend to update. I will post the follow up as soon as I’m free. I have a couple of decent photos to share but haven’t uploaded it yet.

Take Care!



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