Fully Booked with coffee

Heaven. That’s how I describe Fully booked @ Serendra. It’s a 5-floored book store that contains… duh?! BOOKS! And on the 3rd floor, you’d be able to sip a cup of Starbucks or eat a cup of Frozen yoghurt from White Hat.

We went there two weeks ago because my mom wanted to buy books for the Library of the school. I wasn’t at the mood to look for interesting books to read so we (my sister, Tito Rolly, and I) just ordered coffee. The weather was dramatic that time so sipping coffee was good.

I was the one who ordered for the drinks and I really like the barista there because she’s very kind. BECAUSE SHE TOLD ME THAT SHE LIKES MY NAME THAT IT’S VERY CUTE AND UNIQUE. THERE!

We had Caffe Latte and Cinnamon Swirl! Swirleeee! :DD

After finishing our drinks, we decided to stroll because sitting there was insanely boring! **Boredom KILLS!


4 thoughts on “Fully Booked with coffee

  1. Hi dear, thanks for sharing this. Brings back memories of my college days when I cut classes and spend hours in my favorite book haven. Btw, it’s in Bonifacio High Street not Serendra 🙂 Cheers!

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