The Girl Who Tripped

February they say is the month of love…and prom! And here I am going to talk about my “prom experience” since I haven’t shared it to thee last year because my blog was opened on May the same year.


Excited. Excited to be walking down with my white dress and high heels. Nervous! That I might trip because I am not used to wearing it. It’s not as comfortable as the sneakers and flip-flops that I wear everyday. But that night, was different. It’s a night that will be remembered in eons.

Our Promenade is different. Far different than yours. We had to be there with our parents or guardians. Yes, It’s like killing half of the fun. We had to be in our best behavior as possible. No. I don’t have a date. And I never will.

I still don’t get it how first dances are to be special or memorable. I’m shy. Too shy to be dancing in a slow song at the center with a guy. Even too lazy to stand and part from my seat. I hate to do things like those. I love to do those dancing by group or what. But at least we have to dance with our classmates and friends. (Oh dear my heart is thumping right now remembering if he danced me that night.) Sh*t!

It may not be as magical as to what I was expecting or imagining but it’s a night worth to be remembered. It’s unique and special and fun. And did I mention that I tripped in my heels? Yes! I did. It was embarrassing. The whole 3rd year and 4th year batches saw me. But that didn’t stop me from stealing the spot light for at least several seconds. I am a girl worth to be remembered. The girl who tripped on her promenade.


Bestfriends. They're the best.(L-R) I, Jovi, Adrian, Gelica
And here is the tripp. ):


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