Bowed by the Fiddle

I quit playing the violin for almost 4 years now. And I feel like going back. Some youtube cover has influenced me to pursue this music career. I’m a noob. If you’re going to compare me to him or anyone in this planet.

I have been watching youtube videos my entire life. From parodies to piano performances to covers. And from there I have witnessed how Sung Ha Jung became more and more popular. It all started when I found him on his River Flows in You (by Yiruma) cover. I was stunned on how he could play too damn good at that. I tried learning the trick but fingerstyle in guitar isn’t really for me.

Now here I am again. Wanting to get back my passion for playing violin. I quit my violin school because I said that going there every saturday was a hassle for me. And I am not that serious that time. But as soon as I quit I still have the urge to play but I don’t know how to start with.

But anyway, there’s this one video that brought me to wanting to be a violist again. It’s not the video actually but the man in the video. Maybe some of you already know him. His name is almost the same as the fingerstyle guitarist, Sung Ha Jung. Yes. Really close. I bet you’ll get their names mixed up. HAHA. Uhm he’s Jun Sung Ahn. And I envy him for playing the violin damn well.

How I found him?

Simple. I saw my friend who’s also a fan of Taylor Swift post his video of White Christmas on facebook. And as a girl who loves to click all the link that she sees. (Except for the ones that I expect as spam or viruses, duh?!)

Upon seeing this video, I had the urge to play the instrument again. I regret the four years that I have lived disowning my violin. I regret it. A lot. Honestly, I envy the people who are good at playing it. I envy them because I can’t do as well as they can. But other than that, I praise them for their skill and talent. Like Jun Sung Ahn here, who’s a teenage boy making covers of the modern songs.

I just love to hear him play. I just love to see him play. And because of that, there’s only one thing left for me to do. And that is… to SUBSCRIBE! ((= Yes! I did! I subscribed to his YT Channel. Do it too! NOW! c(:

Here are some of his covers. Enjoy! Cause I enjoyed it a lot! :”>

I should add that to my recent entry about A Thousand Years. Will update! (=


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