Page 49 of 366: #Illuminate

Ahhhh! Relieved! After a small amount of Bacardi, a shot of Tequila and a lot of the shots on the event, I am okay now. I say that Illuminate is the most fun and unexpected party that I have been to.

This party is my FIRST! Not the first like first to attend to but the first party that I have been down!!! Earlier that night, I kept on telling my friend that if he ever got drunk, I’ll throw him in front of the gates of Ateneo but it seems like I was the one thrown in front of the gate of our house. HAHA

My friends were teasing me of being drunk and my reply to them was simple. “I wasn’t drunk. Just HAPPY!” HAHA.  It was already morning when I realized how wasted I was. You know that f*cking feeling of hangover. When you feel like you’re really useless.

When I woke up, the first thing that came to my mind was the TIME. I can’t get out of my bed because I was still dizzy at that moment. My phone was downstairs and I am alone in our apartment because my sister went to her friend’s house for a sleep over. After a few minutes, I was already able to stand and walk so I went downstairs to check if I have any text or missed calls and oh! to check the time too. It was almost 8:00 in the morning. Too early to be up.

Surprisingly, my friend text-ed me and asked if I was okay. Hell no! I was under a case of hangover. It was my first time to be like this even if I had drunk in the last 3-4 years of my life. I had a lot that night and I swore to myself never to drink too many ever again. (And now I am invited to another open party which I’ll be missing.)

Dang it! This entry is going nowhere already so yeah, here are some photos grabbed from the page of The Delirious Movement.

I think I bumped into one of the girls here. hehe

(L-R) Ruben, Aries, Kuya Pao, Adrian, Jamille, Kevin, I and (i don't know who the other girl was.) c(:
I think she's drinking Bacardi.



I’ll attend more parties like these because these parties are more fun compared to the parties that our College Department organized. Ooooops! Sorry. c(:

And one last thing. Aaaah! I would always love to cover events like these. I mean I love the lights at the party. HEHE. And how… can’t explain. K. Bye


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