iPhone apps you’ll love

Here’s a short list of some iPhone applications that you’ll love. Or maybe a list of the iPhone apps that I love. Anyway, the Angry Bird domination is so over. Wake up! It’s 2012 and a lot of new applications are on the way to dominate your phone.

If you’re new at iPhone, iTouch, iPad, I recommend you to download *Temple Run!

To start with, temple run is my current addiction right now. It’s the result of my friend’s recommendation. She said that I have to try to play it because it’s really fun. I tried to play it on her phone just to have an idea on how the app works.

Now, I can say that I am a little bit of a runner. I have gathered about 14 Million points already. But its not on my device because my friend asked me to beat his 7M. So I did. I doubled it actually! HEHE

My highest score on my device so far.


Next is *High Noon. About 10 min. passed when I first played this app. Just downloaded it this morning because one of my friend from game center is playing this so I thought that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try it. I still have a lot of space to fill with my 32GB device.

High Noon is a game of guns. It’s a shooting game. Knowing me, I love target shooting as mentioned on my January post. I’m not sure if this game works offline because I have just tried it today and my wi-fi connection is set. But I think it won’t.


If you’re an avid fan of Social Networking and love to take photos, then the instagram app would work for you. It’s an easy to use photo editor. In just a few touches, your photo is already set to be shared to twitter or to your facebook account.

I have already shared some of my test shots on instagram on my older post but I will post a few here.

If you want to do more work on your photo editing then you have to try Pixlr-o-matic. It’s another app that deals with photo editing. You are able to add more effects or customize the effect that you want to apply on your photo from the mode or color of the photo, to the frames. It’s easy to use too!

Here are some of my test photos.


Do you love to write quotes or rants or notes on your device? Then you’ll get along with the Tweegram app. It’s an application where in you’ll type your note and it’ll transform into a very lovely post. I don’t think you get what I was saying so I’ll just post a sample photo for you.

The good thing about this app is that you’ll also be able to share it to your twitter, tumblr, facebook, and instagram followers/friends. I’m a girl of the Social Networking world. hihi :”>

There are more apps to download via the App Store and I know that the kind of app the people would download would really depend upon their personality and the usefulness of it. As for me, I just want to make the fun out of my device. I don’t want to add any stress on it. HAHA. But anyway, just check the app store for more application selection.

*All of these apps that I have shared are free as far as I know


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