Unusual Sunset Shoot: Indoor Photography

This afternoon, while the sun was setting, right after my aunt left, I went upstairs to check the photos still stored in the SD card so I can clear it. But then, I failed because I saw something interesting to shoot, the shadow

Whenever I say the shadow I clearly recall what my high school friend use to tease me, dashadow, because I have a fair or slightly dark complexion. But that’s not my point. My point is the shadows or the window light or whatever the pro photographers call that. Newbie Here!  I also tried to play with the camera’s shutter speed. I set it From Auto to Manual to Shutter and now I’m thinking why din’t I set it to Aperture. ugh! Could’ve been better. -___-

But anyway, here are my sample photos.

Next and Last photo is my favorite. (:


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