Bagoong Club

122 Scout Dr. Lazcano, Sacred Heart Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines

We believe that Filipino cuisine deserves to have a place in the global food map. We aspire to be its global ambassador using bagoong as our primary vehicle. Bagoong is our national condiment and favorite of our national heroes, including Jose Rizal.


I’ve dined @ Bagoong Club thrice and I say that their food, and service is really good. I saw the picture from one of the folders in my desktop and I thought Hey! I can blog about this. Food entry! HA HA . And so here I am, writing again.

I first tried their food when my aunt brought us there to dine with my, aunts and cousins. That was before Migs flew to US with my aunt because his adaption papers were already polished.):

Second when we met my Uncle’s cousins or niece I think. I’m not sure. HAHA. I think that’s niece but oh well. I was able to try Brazo de remedios. Something like brazo de mercedes. And I say, it’s very good. Scrumptious. One of the best desserts I had.

And the third and hopefully not the last, was when I celebrated my birthday December 12, last year.

Recommended dishes to try:

Bulalo sa Monggo
And I forgot what this thing is called. 😐

And just go like them on Facebook. And visit them @ 122 Scout Dr. Lazcano, Sacred Heart Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines. ((=


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