Put that Ass to Work: Lazy Friday

Our classes every Friday ends at 12:30 PM but I have a lot of unfinished businesses so I got home by 3:00. It was too hot that time so I went to turn the air-condition on. The first time I turned it on since I got here last June and prepared myself to sleep because I needed rest.

*Please don’t mind the posters on the wall. Thank You!

I told myself that I was going to sleep because I never had enough sleep the whole week. Andd yet I ended text-ing with my friends, listening to music and re-reading Suzzane Collin’s Mockingjay.

I just want to see the last part again. The part where “You love me. Real or not real?” “I tell him, real.” That was just so sweet :”> I still get kilig every time I remember that part. Katniss x Peeta = ♥

And as usual I’m setting up the mood with Christina Perri’s music.

And by 4:30 I started changing because I went to Spain (España Blvd.) to go to my friend’s apartment because we planned to play rockband and we ended watching the event @ FEU, their 84th I think or 74th. Not sure. I’m sorry.

I wasn’t allowed to enter because I’m not a student there but knowing me and my friends, we have a lot of ways. We borrowed an ID but they were checking the faces so it won’t work so I memorized my friend’s ID Number and just typed it in the computer. (: Because of that kapilyuhan, I was able to see Rez Toledo or popularly known as Somedaydream. This was the second time that I saw him and both were unexpected meetings. HA HA.


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