Christina Perri: A Thousand Years

I’m sure a lot of you know Christina Perri. From her first hit, I think, Jar of Hearts to A Thousand Years. Her songs are really wonderful and you can really relate on the lyrics. I have her album Lovestrong in my iPod and I’m playing her songs almost everyday. Aside from Jar of Hearts and A Thousand Years, my next favorite is Bluebird.

Well moving on, the title of this Blog entry is A Thousand Years so the content should explain it. I know that most of us know this hit song. And it is really wonderful that I want that song to be played on my wedding day <“:

If you haven’t heard that song, well it’s never too late to hear it and be part of this THOUSAND YEARS FEVER! HAHA. I felt like blogging about this because I saw in my Youtube Homepage Sungha Jung’s fingerstyle cover. He is really great so I wanted to share his video to you guys. Here it is:

And since the song is about sweetness and love, here’s one video that really hit the crowd last year when the founder of the blogging site Nuffnang, Tim, proposed to his blogger girlfirend Audrey. It was the most unique proposal I’ve seen so far. And I think I’m saying too much now. So, just go hit play.

PS. That’s the sweetest proposal in the universe. <“:


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