Page 22 of 366: ©Dasha Mones Photography Watermark

So I’m going pro trying to make a better watermark for my photos. I only use the common “(C) Dasha Mones|Photography” or the ©Dasha Mones|Photography”. I’ve seen a lot of photos from professional photographers. And they’re actually using a definite watermark and I have different types of watermark for every photo.

Since I have time to play with Adobe Photoshop, I tried to make one. I am fond of circles and rainbows so I came up with this idea.

It’s simple and colorful. (: The first thing that I actually tried was with a clipart of a Nikon D3100. But then I don’t know how to make it look “stunning” so I tried to do something simpler. And while I am writing this I think I’m going to add the Nikon Clipart at the end. I think it looks cool. HAHA. Oh well, just watch out for my watermark on my photos @Flickr.

I actually tried to that watermark on some of my photos and It didn’t look that good so I changed the background color to black and it looked a little better. I was going to upload a sample photo from my trip to Baguio City this morning but I haven’t transferred the photos from my camera and I am too lazy to do it. So I’ll just check some of my old stuff and show how the watermark goes.


The one on the left is the black version and the white version is placed on the other side. I’m thinking of using both watermark. BUT NOT ON THE SAME PHOTO duh?! HAHA. I’ll use whatever watermark suits the photo. And I think I’ll use the black version often.


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