The Lucky Dragon

      2012 ushers in success and happiness with the most powerful of the zodiac signs! Enter the Water Dragon! Ride into its good fortune with

McDonald’s Lucky Ang Paos 

    ! Get good luck now!

Keywords to remember:

New Year


As a regular passenger of the Light Rail Transit Authority 2 or simply LRT 2, I don’t really mind whatever is hanging inside the train. But one time when I was riding the train with my friends as we are heading home from our class, my friend saw something attached to the safety handrail. And it was The Lucky Dragon

So you see, the lucky dragon is actually a discount of McDonald’s. (: And knowing that I am a loyal “follower” of McDonald’s as stated in my older post.

But that wasn’t the first time that I got the lucky dragon. I first found it in the Philippine Daily Inquirer Newspaper. I was looking for the young blood article that day. I already read the article and was scanning for more interesting news. Then I saw this thing and was curious was it was so I opened it and Voila! It’s the lucky Dragon. HAHA

Anw, I’m not sure how you can get one, I got mine popping in the middle of nowhere randomly. I’ve already used some of the coupons. And what I like the most is the DCB! (: #Fat

More info here.


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