Page 14 of 366: Gone Shooting

Last night, my sister and I were gone shooting. Actually, we were gone to go to our Town’s fiesta with the highlights of the fair or perya or peryahan as we call it. We went to the town’s proper with our mom because she was going to attend her High School Alumni Homecoming or Reunion. Whatever. HAHA c(: Compared to last year there were less people. And I don’t know why. We were joking her about her outfit. We were saying that she’s over dressed because the people there were like wearing shirt and pants only.

I accompanied her to the mall to get her make-up done and we shopped for a bit of hair accessory. I found the very cute fascinator. And told her to use it. (:

Okay so skip that part. My sister and I were wearing jeans, shirt and lubbel shoes while everyone else was with their shirt, shorts and flops. I was going to wear my havs that night but I realized that the place was too dusty so, WRONG CHOICE!

Anyway, we first rode the “Scramble” that’s the name of the ride or the “Octopus” and as a loser, I was too dizzy and honestly, I felt like the ride was dangerous because I was the one near the “door” and I felt like I’m going to fall. Seriously, it’s not safe. So note to self: Thou shall not ride that thing again.  Yeah!

To give you an idea, this is how the ride looks like

So after that ride, we were headed to look for the “darts” the thing were you’re going to hit balloons with those darts and you can trade the number of hits for a good. Unfortunately, we found none. Instead, we went “gun shooting”. It was so fun. We traded our 109 points for a cute teddy bear.

While we were shooting, we had fans. They were amazed because we can shoot the targets in a streak. (:

Le Bear wearing the fascinator

Le Bear and I

It was such a fun night. And Now I’m not yet prepared to go back to Manila. HAHA. Anw, See you again Villasis Next Week. :* Happy fiesta!!!!!!



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