New Year 2012: Air Pollution

Did you ever think that we are starting every year wrong? And that we have ended last year wrong too? Well yes! When we have lit up those fire crackers we have polluted the air. My concern right now is the fact that our planet, our home is dying. And instead of helping it live longer, we are helping it die. I am NOT saying that WE ARE ALL HELPING IT DIE, instead most of us. But It’s a good thing that the New Year 2012 has less noise compared to last year. And there are also less casualties (which I am referring to here in the Philippines).

But anyway, I’m sure a lot of people enjoyed that air pollution including I. Yes! I enjoyed the air pollution! Why? That’s because I was able to take pictures of those fireworks that lit the sky at midnight. It was lovely to watch those things sparkle. I was at the rooftop of our building going from left to right almost breaking my neck because wherever you turn, whatever corner you place you’ll see those beautiful fireworks glowing.

I am satisfied because I was able to get a couple of good photos of the fireworks. I had something like 300-400 photos and well only 80 photos were good. But I am still satisfied because out of 300-400 photos, 80 of them were good and for me some were great. This is my second time to shoot fireworks and I can say that my shots were better compared to last year. Also with a  little help from my tripod.

So enough said, here are the photos I got last midnight. Hope you guys are satisfied with it. I am looking forward to more fireworks shoot this year and the following years to come. Happy New Year!

More Photos uploaded on my Flickr account. Just go drop by if you have time!
Happy New Year again. 😀

Dasha ♥


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