Happy Christmas Folks!

I’m wishing everyone a Happy happy Christmas! 😀 So you see. I’m still thinking about that giveaway thing. And honestly, I’m too lazy to do the planner already so I’m thinking that maybe I could buy a planner or a journal and use that for the giveaway and just add photo cards. hehe. What do you guys think? 😀

Anw, It’s Christmas and I have unwrapped all of my gifts last midnight and there’s one thing that I wasn’t excited to unwrap. HAHA. That’s the gift I got for myself. (: But with a little help from my lil sis.

It’s a podpodpod (tripod) for my baby. I wanted it so badly because New Year’s drawing closer and it would be very useful for me to shoot fireworks on New Year’s eve. c(: My photos last year were not that good because my hand keeps shaking. And with the use of the tripod I think I’ll be able to get better photos this New Year’s eve.

Wait, it’s Christmas and yet I’m talking about New Year already! boo me. But anyway, I got my mom a Leica M8! Haha. Kidding. It’s just a case for her iPhone (: It’s actually my personal choice so when she’s dumping her iPhone, I might be able to get it. (hopefully).

I’m saying too much already but I just want you guys to know that I am lucky to be able to celebrate Christmas because we were supposed to go to CDO (a gift from my mom for my birthday, Last Dec. 12) on the 18th I think but good thing we weren’t able to. haha. But I pray for everyone at CDO. God Bless us all.

And always remember that we should take care of the nature because once we destroy it, it will hit us back harder.

Happy Christmas Again! Keep safe everyone.


Here are some of the photos I got last New Year (2011)

If my hands weren’t shaking I think that photo could’ve been better. Anyway, I think it’s good as for a noob photographer. (:


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