Who’s your superman?

Too many people are already fans of superman because of some people who they call their ‘superman’. There’s Kimpoy Feliciano, Elmo Magalona, and my Baby! 😀

He’s my superman and I love and miss him so much. Hope I could see him soon. But I’m lucky to be skype-ing with him tomorrow morning and I don’t know why I’m making puyat. haha

Well that’s my baby. He’s @ US right now. He’s my cousin actually. 😀 I just feel like calling him my baby and him calling me his momma. Aint that sweet? c(:

Elmo Magalona, Son of the Master Rapper

I was going to make fun of you guys pa sana. But I can’t find Elmo’s picture as superman holding Julie’s Picture. hehe. (that was edited) 😀 But anyways, he’s cute right?! And they’re like perfect with each other. #AndThatWasAnotherCharrot

And siyempre. The guy who tweeted “Be Happy. Be budoy. Be pogi. Be Kimpoy.” nuks naman. But that’s true. The pogi be kimpoy part. :”>

Embrace awesomeness. haha. And since I’m too lazy to search for his pinaka POGI-ng picture, here’s his video instead. At nang mainlababo tayong lahat. #meeeeh

At siyempre joke lang yung tinatamad ako maghanap ng picture niya. 😀 Sino naman ang hindi gaganahan kung ganitong mukha ba naman ang is-search mo. haha. (: At sana mabasa niya nga ito. ((=

And they all got SWAG! 😀 They’re all so cute. haha. Happy Christmas everyone. BTW, I’m ranting here when I should be ranting there. boo me!


P.S. I’ll try my best to update this blog everyday. 😀 Since I’m on vacation and it’s Christmas. Hehe. :*


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