Talking to the Moon

I don’t know what the right title for this blog entry would be. Almost everything about this would be loneliness, longing, and missing someone so much. It’s been 4 months since he left for US but up ’till now, I still cry whenever I remember him. When I see his pictures and videos or sometimes when Bruno Mars’ song Talking to the Moon is playing.

I can’t really describe how or what I feel but it’s really something heavy deep inside.


I miss you so much. I hope that you won’t forget me. It’s just 4 months but I feel like it has been years. I wish to see you soon. Like later, tonight, or tomorrow. I don’t want eons to pass. I want to see you now so I can stop this loneliness that I am feeling. ):

Anw, I love you and I miss you so much.

Ate Dasha


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