Blackberry Bolds

I’m still bitter about the loss of my BB Storm. HAHA. It’s almost 2  months already but I’m not yet over it. When I get a new BB, that’s the time that I’ll stop being bitter. c(:

I’m actually planning of buying a BB Curve 8520 but then I saw the BB Bold 9700/9780. I got hooked with the BB Bolds so that’s what I want to buy. It’s almost my birthday and I am afraid to ask my mom because I know that she won’t buy me a new phone. 😦 I’m actually trying to earn money online through nuffnang.

I don’t know when I’ll get a Bold. The BB Dakota was the most recent released BlackBerry but it’s too expensive so it’s really impossible for me to own that phone. So maybe I’m going to write to Santa this Christmas hoping that he’ll send me one. HAHAHAHA

What do I like about the BlackBerry?

I appreciate the iPhone but I like the Blackberry because of BBM (but iPhone released iMessage). And also the Social Networking Services I could use. I already have an iPod touch so maybe it’s like an iPhone to me already. And I’m really a big fan of BlackBerry s.


Dear Santa,

I want a White Blackberry Bold 9700/9780. (: But if you are too generous to give me a phone then maybe a BB 9900 (Dakota) would be really nice for me. But if you see that your budget doesn’t fit a BB Bold then maybe a BB Curve Keplar or Gemini would do.

Thank you. But I’d really appreciate it if it ‘d be a BB Bold.




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