Tumblr Pangasinan meet-up

This afternoon, Tumblr Pangasinan (organization of bloggers from Pangasinan) had a meet-up in SM City Rosales at around 11AM. I arrived there at around 3PM because I have to go to my HS Classmate’s birthday party. (Parang lagi akong may inaattendan na party?!) We were only fifteen there (Tapos yung mga pumunta pa doon tumakas lang sabi nila sa school sila pupunta. HAHA). But Tumblr is our School! We blog/re-blog first before doing our assignments/school works (or it’s just me?! I know my sister’s doing it too. HAHA). Since late ako at wala akong Camera, edi wala akong pictures nung event. HAHA

Grabbed the photos on ysohawtt’s tumblr



Ayun lang. haha.


Ang letter ni Kuya Anton. HAHA

Sana pala naging URL nalang ako nuh?!

I bought a tumblr baller (JCP)! Wag kayo, may 10% discount yan. O diba?!

Then Kuya Anton asked: “Sino ang Potterheads dito?!” Siyempre taas naman ako ng kamay! HAHAHA

Even if I was late and they didn’t get to know me that well, they still gave me letters. Aww, sweet.


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