Mcdonalds Opening

McDonald’s Caarmen, Rosales, Pangasinan opened yesterday. I love McDonald’s so I feel like I’m obligated to go there. After Louise’s birthday, before going home, I dropped by at the newly opened store and just ordered an Oreo Overload McFlurry even though I’m so full. The original plan was that I’m going their with my friend but I wasn’t able to text her (super busy). But when I was paying in the cashier, I saw her older brother there and he told me that Jam was also there. (o diba? HAHA).

The renovated McDonald’s is really nice. It’s one of those modern McDo outlets. But the bad thing is, they removed the playplace ):

Where the playplace used to be.

Saw this GIF. so cute :””>

♪♫Pa ra pa pa pa Love Ko ‘To!♫♪


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