Halloween Party

There was a Halloween party yesterday afternoon at our school. (: It was for kids (duh?! HAHA) . It was fun! (Kahit na Photographer lang ako dun. HAHAHA). They played a lot of games. Like Paper Dance, Trip to Jerusalem, Apple eating contest, and many more. We also prepared a horror  booth. This day is soooo tiring. After that we went to the house of Tita Kate(my mom’s friend) for Louise’s Birthday!

Bromance! HAHA

Be careful Snow White!

Eating the Apples! Yum!

Count the seeds for the kids! (Parang ang tanda ko naman masyado!)

Horror Booth! (:

At walang basagan ng trip!

I’m a bit sleepy (ikaw ba naman kasi mag-blog ng 2:00AM. HAHA!) Anw, I’ll just continue my story tomorrow! Good night folks!


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