Halloween Party 2

This is the continuation of my recent entry. (: The 2nd Part was Louise’s birthday/halloween party 2 (According to Tita Kate). Their place is nice. When you’re there you’ll feel like you are in Baguio @ Camp John Hay! (HAHA. promise!)

There’s Louise with my Sister.

They played games. Like longest line (I joined. hehe), something like popping the balloon, and many more!

Feeling bata kasi ako! Choss! (buti kinaya ako nung horse nuh?!)

Mga isip bata kasi kami. HAHA (L-R) Me, T. Shilbeth, Uncle Christian

This swing is sooo nice but I wasn’t able to try it because it was occupied the whole night. 😦

My favorite part during this party was when we tried to do Light Graffiti again. ^_^ (More light graffiti photos will follow! Just watch out for my next entries!)

I feel so cute in this picture. HAHA (o walang kokontra)


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