Milkis and Chilsung Cider

There’s this soda that my sister and I usually buy in a Korean store near our house. The Korean Store is “Nice Mart”. It’s located in Matalino street near Kalayaan Ave. (Go check it out!) They sell Korean products. Food, beverages, cosmetics, and many more.

But my favorite is MILKIS!.

It tastes like Yakult and Sprite or sometimes melted ice cream. (HAHA. Well that’s how I describe it. But it’s delicious!) The other drink that I have first tried from that store is….

Chilsung Cider!

It’s just like sprite but I feel like this one’s better! (:

*Photos above are grabbed. CTTO

Here are my Photos.

Milkis and Chilsung Cider.

Me and my Favorite Milkis

My Sister and Her Chilsung Cider (She’s older than me OK?)


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