I am Number Four Series

This is the first book series (aside from Harry Potter) that I am patiently waiting for its book’s release. The I am Number Four Seires. BTW, the series’s written by Pittacus Lore.

The Second Book, The Power of Six was released last August of this year. And honestly, I finished reading the book in just a day. 😀 I just sat in the couch all-day reading the book. And when I was finished reading I’m like… “Where’s the next book???” (haha).

      I am Number four is about a teen, who look like a normal person but deep in him, he’s an Alien from the Planet Lorien. They went here in our Planet, Earth, because their planet was destroyed by those evil Mogadorians (Mogs). The Mogs came from the planet Mogadore. Lorien was once a very beautiful planet before the mogs destroyed it. They seek to destroy Lorien because of its resources. 9 Gardes and Cepans were sent here on Earth to train, become stronger and fight the mogs. (oops! I don’t want to spoil. :P)

so I suggest you go to e-book or go to the nearest book store and purchase the book.

And did I mention that I was like a Crazy Girl in the Bookstore when I saw the Book (POS) in the Shelf?? Haha. Yes! I was jumping and hugging the book that the guard and cashiers were looking at me. Well, that’d be my expression coz I waited for about a year (I think).


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