Early Access to Pottermore

I am one of the lucky 1,000,000 Harry Potter fans to be able to access the Pottermore site. Here’s a sneak peek on what’s inside the site.

Luckily, I am sorted on the Gryffindor house. But I want to be sorted in Hufflepuff. haha. Weird? I already have 23 House points. hihi.

Many people are asking me how to collect things. How to unlock Diagon alley, etc. You really have to explore the site so that the fun won’t be killed. 🙂

To Collect objects all you have to do is to hover over the stuff and a collect button will appear.

Here are some screen shots.

Hogwarts Express.


What’s in my trunk?

The End-of-Year Feast.

You won’t be able to move on to Chapter two until the Site is open to the Public. Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait that long because they will launch the site this October 2011.

God Bless on your journey! And oh, BTW, if you want to add me as a friend on Pottermore my username is “AccioCrimson67” Send me some gifts alright? haha. joke! See you on the site!


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