Nutella Vs. Nusica

I know you’re asking what Nusica is. But here’s what Ican say, It’s something like Nutella but it’s cheaper yet they still have the same taste. 😀

I had doubts about purchasing Nusica because I thought that It would be a waste of money but then my Friend told me that It’s just like Nutella so, I tried it. You guys have to try it to. They taste the same but Nusica costs half the price of Nutella (:

Nutella! ♥
*Everybody on Tumblr loves Nutella!

And Nusica!

    Sorry for the Photo. Just shot it with my Phone’s Camera 😀


5 thoughts on “Nutella Vs. Nusica

  1. for me, nutella’s the best even though i’m a filipino. don’t get me wrong but nusica is a bit sweeter than nutella and its grains is not that fine though. but surely, they tastes the same.

  2. pag may budget, Nutella — then Nusica, pag nagsawa na … Twist naman, madami pa fruit flavor … kung walang wala Lady’s Choice … pag zetlog, Lily’s na lang … hehehe

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