No to cheating!

Cheating! This is a very serious issue in our block right now. We can’t stop them from doing it. Why?? Well I don’t actually know why. We are all waiting for the right time to arrive where the teacher would be the one to catch them doing it. (:

During the first days of our sem. We (circle of friends or barkada) thought that they are really INTELLIGENT. (; But NO! we are wrong. Absolutely wrong! 😐

Why am I saying this? It’s because I want you all to know that KARMA STRIKES HARDER! Before they get caught, I just wish that they’ll be able to realize their wrong doing. They cheat every quiz, written exam, and even practical exam. What sucks more is that We review seriously because we are afraid to fail. And for their part, they give no sweat on the score that they get. They even get higher scores than us. One of them even said that “We do not deserve this grade.” They don’t really deserve that grade. But what she’s actually saying is that they deserve something higher. (ang kapal di ba?) Oh well, ayoko magalit dito. haha.

I just want to share this. hehe. :>


**No names mentioned. Identities are confidential! (:


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