Gawad kalinga Experience

I participated in the Gawad Kalinga project. We painted houses which will be given to the people who don’t have houses and were victims of the typhoon Pepeng.

Through this organization, I believe that they can help end poverty in 2024. So as for me who’s still a student, I believe that through doing volunteer works, I can be part in changing other people’s lives. 🙂 After doing such work, you get a good feeling that you are able to be part of making or starting change. Helping other people.

    I hope that GAWAD KALINGA would be able to end poverty. (:

    Here are just some of the pictures that I could share. I promise that I’ll update this entry or make a new post as soon as I go home. hehehe.

    This is me painting. haha. echoss lang. 😀 Mukha bang scripted?? gaaah. Hindi scripted yan. 😡 XDD

    –I do not own any of these Photos.hehe. All photos grabbed. (: Credits to T. Grail.

    *The continuation of this GK Experience will be posted…*unknown*. haha. as soon as I get back to the Province.


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